Monday, January 9, 2012

We played like we were sisters

You’ve seen me at my worst
You’ve seen me at my best
You’ve listened to my troubles
And helped them lay to rest

I wish you knew how much I miss you
I wish you knew how much I care
I wish you knew how many times
I’ve wished you were just right there

To talk about the old times
When life was so carefree
And we played like we were sisters
Even though it couldn’t be

We’ve been friends for so long
Ever since we were two and three
But then something small went wrong
And it grew too fast to see

I think talking was the key
That seemed to be out of grasp
And it slowly divided our friendship
Like poison from an asp

Then before I could comprehend
What had happened to two best friends
It ended up being farther than a walk next door
But a journey of a whole lot more

It doesn’t take long to get there
But it seems so far away
And since life isn’t always fair
I just hope to get there someday

And maybe I can celebrate
Your special day with you
I hope it will be this one
But I haven’t got a clue

So hopefully sometime
Our separation will end
And it will also finish
The journey of two best friends


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