Monday, January 9, 2012

Save Me, My Friend

By Ali Stoddard

Sitting here
Unable to breathe
Trying to face my fears
So much more to achieve

The way you walk
The elegance in your moves
Your presence is hard to block
You truly have nothing to lose

A life full of pursuits
Your future awaits
No time for all the flukes
Just calling on the destined fates

A life of no troubles, no worries, nor fears
Never ungrateful nor unwilling
You do as you like despite your peers
My jealousy for you is unpeeling

In everything you attempt, you succeed
Makes me wonder if you will ever fail
Everything from your looks to the way you breathe
They put my jealousy onto a long lost trail

Now here, our friendship lies
All shredded and clustered up
My worst fear is not having you by my side
Compared to your perfections, I am yet a stump

I cannot lose you in my life
I need you here, by my side
I'm sure we can get through this crazy strife
We just have to believe

So help me build our tower which has crashed
For no bomb or plane is stronger than us
Let me know our friendship was not thrashed
Over some boy who I left in the rough


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