Monday, January 9, 2012

Forever Friends

I'll listen to your past in the dead of night
I'll stay with you until it gets light
I'll hold your hands while you face your nightmares
I'll be the one who will always care
Forever I'll be your friend.

I'll stay with you until the end
I'm always here, I'll help you fly
I'd fight for you until I die
For my death is better than seeing you cry
Forever will I stay your friend.

For every heartbreak, I'll be there to mend
I'm your helping hand and forever I'll be at your side
With me you would never wonder if I cheated or lied
But forever I shall remain your friend
Forever and ever until the end.

And when my heart breaks I shan't breathe a word
Not a whimper or cry shall be heard
For one sound could portray the pain
And I promise we wouldn't be the same again
So forever, forever yes I'll be your friend


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